What Ever Happened To The Good Old Times?

I met up with my younger brother for late lunch today. And between conversations about family and friends, politics and economy, royalties and common folks, we inadvertently talked about the current partying scene in the country. Or the lack of it, to be more precise.

During the late 90’s up until the early 2000’s, my brother and I were on the scene, as in we clubbed 3-4 times ever week. Back then, if you were fortunate enough to be from that era, everything was pure partying. We didn’t go out to socialize or to be seen, we went out to truly party! And when I meant party, it is truly remarkable nights of endless dancing and alcohol. I’m not just talking about how my brother and I rolled, I am talking about everyone.

E V E R Y O N E!

Of course, you would have the pretentious lots but back then, there were places like Heaven and Barbarran afterwards that were clearly off limits to those who just didn’t fit the bill. Yes, it may sound aristocratic but back then, if you’re nobody, you ain’t getting in and even if you had the dough, you just can’t buy yourself into the aforementioned clubs.

That was how partying back then was. That is how partying should be. Always be.

I still go clubbing once in a while and much to my chagrin, the scene has changed. Gone are the days when partying was about partying; right now, it is more to see and wanting to be seen. The crowd has also shifted from a multi-racial one to more Chinese-dominated, even during hip hop nights. Whereas they swore never to be associated with hip hop back then, they now form the majority of the crowd. I have nothing against this as I have always been into the genre but if the main reason of going to a club is to be seen or to see, then it defeats the purpose of going partying and having fun.

On the other hand, if the current definition of fun is just that, then I am lucky to have been part of a generation that knew how to have fun. Whatever happened to those times?


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