Ungrateful Bastard!

Some people just don’t know what decency is!

I met one recently and all I can say is that he is such an ungrateful bastard! Seriously, this is one guy who has no shame at all. He goes around begging people to lend him money with the most absurd of reasons but portrays himself to be a victim of circumstances.

I have always said that I can smell a fucking loser and a pretentious son of a bitch from miles away and all along I knew he was a scumbag. All I can hope for now is that people will start to realize how much of a loser this guy really is. I know some of his own close friends are now weary of him and know his modus operandi of playing the victim.

Truth can never be concealed. Your lies will catch up with you sooner or later. I’m glad mine came sooner.


Writing about how much a loser you are is not 'promoting' you; on the contrary, it's to tell people that you are a scumbag! Capish?


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