Penang Oh Penang

Penang is one place I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with. It is the place where love blossomed for me but it is also a place where I couldn’t see myself living and working in, having tried it twice before and failing miserably to adapt to Penang’s way of life.

It’s a great place to visit but to live there for months on end is just not for me. It’s too humid and the pace is just too fucking slow for my own liking. The drivers are the worst I have encountered in my life and while socially it’s aight, it can’t compare to KL where variety is the name of the game.

But despite all these, Penang is one place my Small Baby and I will forever cherish and I will leave it at that. Anyways, I was again opportune to visit Penang, this time with my colleagues for a weekend of market research and R&R.

It was My Li'l Girl's 'Coming Out' Party

Urfi and Jesse with future doctors

Penang is still very much the same. Not that I expected anything to be majorly different. But as soon as I entered the lane to the Penang Bridge, the feeling of love-hate was there again. Even if I were to detach myself from the place, fate somehow always brings me back there.

Anyways, my colleagues and I had a great stay. I went up with Urfi – whom y’all probably know by now - Jesse, who is my Dunhill counterpart and who’s from the beautiful city of Miami and Tommi, one of our Art Directors who hails from Taiwan.

Me being me :)

One of the advantages of Penang for me is that I know quite a number of people there. And getting around is not an issue at all as there will always be peeps who are willing to drive us around, should we need any driving.

We also bumped into our colleagues from G2 KL who were up there to celebrate someone’s birthday and together, we rocked Penang nightlife! Haha Seriously, when you have a bunch of KLites partying in a place like Penang, the contrast is just visible; the way we and the locals party is just completely different and the difference is blatantly obvious.

All in all, it was a great weekend. The guys had fun and the peeps in Penang was more than happy to welcome us.


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