Let Me Introduce Y'all To...

I reckon since I meet people all the time, either through work or personal space, I will start a thread to introduce to y’all the interesting peeps I meet along the way; individuals who I have found to be 'interesting' - take note of the inverted commas :) - and whom I think y'all will find the same.

Let Me Introduce Y'all To the Bangladeshi Royal, Urfi Ahmad.

Signing a an autograph for a lucky fan!

I currently work with Urfi and he is generally a quiet dude but he’s a gifted human; he’s an intellectual and a musician rolled into one. He normally operates silently and inconspicuously but don’t mistaken his laid back and I-smile-all-the-time attitude for being a pushover, he is the exact opposite.

Urfi maneuvers like a black panther; he patiently waits to make his move and once he does, he savagely destroys his prey. If ever you get the chance to meet this Bangladeshi Royalty, and depending on how he views you, my advice is to be prepared.

He’s a great guy though, all this considering. He is generally harmless but make no mistake about it, he can eat you alive physically and intellectually.

Ladies, consider yourselves warned… Or lucky! LOL


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