At Least I Am Loyal

If you are a regular reader of my blog or even if you only read it occasionally, you would surely know by now that I am into hip-hop.

And in hip-hop, loyalty is paramount.

Don’t worry, I am not going to be blogging about the need to be loyal to the people you love and care about. I am taking the rather shallow but important, I feel, route of being loyal to a particular music genre.

And taking cue from my last post, I just feel that those who club nowadays do not really have a purpose but be seen, to see and just jump onto whichever bandwagon is popular. In the last couple of weeks, there have been events where I was invited by the organizer themselves; either because I know them personally, work-related and/or just because they know how I party.

I love light plays but I love my music more

But I never went to any of them! It’s not because I don’t like any of the organizers or the shows but I have never been a big fan of the music they play in such events. Of course I have gone to such events in the past but generally, it’s just not my thing.

The closest one that I went to was the Hennessey Artistry in Phuture last Thursday but after only a few minutes, my colleagues and I decided that we’re better off watching DJ Goldfish in Zouk and we did just that. Moreover, according to the head security, a lot of those who attended were so ‘pariah’; they took advantage of Hennessey’s hospitality of giving out free drinks!

*Shakes Head*

My point is, I am not totally saying I will never attend any non-hip hop events in the future; I might but only because I have a good reason(s) for doing so. To go to an event just because most of the people you know are going there is just, to me, simply pretentious.

I don't care about the club; what I care for is what music it plays

On any given day, I have always preferred to go to a club that plays hip hop music and albeit we only have a few DJ’s who know their hip hop, I’d rather be there even if there’s no one else there. Bottom line, I’d rather be in the worst club that plays hip hop than be in the best club that plays techno thingamajigs (I don’t know what kind of music they are called nowadays)

That is loyalty. That is hip hop. That is Ivan Omar :)


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