Why Do I Even Bother

I sometimes seriously wonder why I even bother at things that don’t deserve my attention. Why bother no?

I should just continue to live my life without the unnecessary stress that comes with caring for things that is beginning to be a waste of time and one that is on the way to me being regretful for even taking up such useless things in the first place.

I like to cajole myself into thinking that I am passionate person and that in whatever I do, I ain’t gonna bring myself to do anything half-baked. But after months, you tend to have a clearer view of what will work and what won’t.

Having said that, I also know I am a realist. If, after pouring all the passion I could muster, things still don’t work out, I am not going to allow myself to be blinded by emotional idiosyncrasies. I may be passionate but I ain’t stupid.

So please don’t think I am. Capish?


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