When You Say Nothing At All

In life, there are those who are expressive and those who are not.

Personally though, because I am very expressive and animated when I speak, I tend to get along well with those who are like me. I also like talking to them more than those who just listen to you and communicate with a nod here and a nod there.

They say that those who do not talk a lot are the ones that are more dangerous. Maybe. But I feel that those who express themselves freely are more truthful and have nothing to hide. The silent types are more mysterious and dangerous but I feel that they have a lot of things to hide and that the reasons for their silence is mainly to cover themselves and not allow their true thoughts and feelings to be blurted out accidentally.

Do you talk and communicate?

Or are you scared to tell the truth?

I am not saying that all those who are silent are like this. I am basing this on my own personal experience and from what I have noticed and learned, through the years, it's not so much that the person is trying to understand what you're saying but more like preventing themselves from exposing their true thoughts and feelings.

In every relationship, for it to work out, constant communication is vital and I don’t understand why some peeps keep mum even when their relationship is in danger of losing its shine.

I say, thrash it out and communicate what you really feel and explain; that way, couples can dive into the root of their issues and settle them without one of them exploding.

What kind are you?


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