Upbringing Does Matter

Recently, a story narrated to me made me further believe that upbringing is a very important factor in how the children of tomorrow will fare and or behave within the surroundings of their future lives.

I was told that the son of someone I used to work with, now all grown up and studying in Melbourne, doesn’t have much to live by. When I asked why the boy didn’t call his dad, fully knowing that the latter dotes on his only son, the reason given by the boy completely but wonderfully surprised me. He said that his dad’s business is not doing that good and that he doesn’t want to burden his dad further.

How cool is that eh? That is one kid who everyone should be proud of! Rather than take the easy way out and call out to his dad, he’d rather work some odd jobs to make end meet. Now that is how a kid brought up well think.

And knowing the dad, I can’t say I’m surprised. Despite practically bringing up the kid by himself, having lost his wife when their son was young, the things that he has instilled upon the boy, as shown in the story that was narrated to me, will only allow the kid to grow up and be a better man.

All this because of the way he was brought up.


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