Unless I Am God, Of Course...

But I am not. No one in this world is.

It amazes as well as disillusions me when some people think humans can mould or is trying to mould another human being into becoming their ideal human. How do you even begin to do that?

The Benevolent God created us different and while there are similarities between His creations, no two humans are exactly alike. How can we then question, let alone alter, what God has created?

Yes we do have our own definitions of what and how ideal humans are but we live in a world where ideals are nothing but a longing, an unattainable longing that we would never have in the real world. Why would we then want to mould someone into being that ideal person when we all know it’s impossible?

Humans are created by the Almighty and none of us have the right to change or mould any of His creations just to achieve our ideal human. And truthfully, if anyone wants to change or mould another human to fit their description of ideal, then that person doesn’t deserve the person they are trying to change.

None of us are God, let’s not live like one...


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