Today Is My Birthday

Yes, that is right, today, the first of May, is my birthday.

And as in previous years, when I blog on my birthday, it is not merely to wish myself but more importantly, I blog about my life in retrospect and the wishes I have on the most auspicious day of my life.

The past year has been generally kind to me. Despite all my troubles in the later part of my stay in Dell when I almost lost myself because of the imbecility of some of the people I worked with, things got better after I decided to choose my sanity over the negativities in Dell and left.

In retrospect, the past year has been generally kind to me. But the one thing that stood out for me is the realization that all I needed to remain true to me is to allow myself to cherish, appreciate and love the people around me. Yes it is perhaps the most classic – and cheesiest – of clichés but all we really need in this world is the ability to love more unconditionally.

If I can give up collecting Air Jordan’s competitively, I guess the time for me to open myself up and be willing to experience the other beautiful things in life has arrived. But living the life I had in the past year allowed me to look at the world in a totally different light, while still continually counting my blessings with God has given me, year in year out.

Today is my birthday and I am a new man; a man capable of loving more.


On a professional note, as promised, I will divulge the agency that I would be joining on the 4th of May. And it is...


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