I Need To Focus :(

I am not one who is good at focusing. My mind tends to wander too much even when faced with immediate and very important tasks at hand.

Like today.

I have a strat paper to prepare by tomorrow and I haven't started at all. Yes, I am a very last minute kind of person and while this eccentricity hasn't failed me yet, I also know that one day, I will fall flat on my face for preparing at the very last minute.

I want to change. I hope I can change. I know it's difficult to completely change what one has been accustomed to doing for years on end but I think I really need to change. I have to, no two ways about it.

But where or how do I start? I seriously haven't got a fuckin' clue! :(

Right now, all I know is I have a paper to deliver by tomorrow. How I will do it I don't know; all I know is that come Monday, I need to have it ready.


If only I can focus on the tasks at hand. I shouldn’t allow anything else to cloud my judgement in determining my priorities. My Small Baby still thinks that I am gonna be fine and that I produce the greatest of works when I’m under pressure.

I hope she is right.

Otherwise, I may as well think of myself as a failure...


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