Where Morality Takes A Backseat

Penang is a beautiful, cozy little island that a lot of people like visiting. Tourists – local and foreign alike – go flocking to this northern state for a little R&R. Penang is a place where one could bask in the sun, enjoy the food and just look at what an ancient Malaysia looks like. It has so much preserved history and truly one of the country’s most-visited State.

Despite all these, the one thing that really gets to me is how the people in Penang view dating in general. Like most things in life, there are certain decorum that must be adhered to when dating. And the first thing that one must NOT do is date a friend's ex and/or an ex's friend. This is generally a dating no-no and one that is universally accepted as a rule of sorts.

The people in Penang however do not conform to this basic rule. I may not be an expert but I have lived there long enough to see that interchanging of couples is something that is readily accepted by society. Some even go on and justify such abnormal intimacies by stating that Penang is such a small place and that people tend to know one another.

Perhaps but I just don't buy it.

How can anyone ever look into their friend's eye again when they’re bonking that particular friend’s ex? Seriously, you need to be one thick-skinned demented human to even consider doing this.

Imagine going on a double-date where half of both couples have dated before? What would be the conversations like? “My girlfriend is such a sweetheart that she blah blah blah” and the other dude opposite the table would be like “Yeah, yeah; tell me something I don’t know”.

Seriously, it is such a weird environment to be in. In my time in Penang, I have rolled with peeps who have dated each other’s partners. I may be one of the most open-minded people around but this is just something I couldn’t digest.

Relationships are meant to be sacred, something to treasure; but when it has gone down to a level where no one respects the value of a relationship, I ain’t down with that.

Seriously, what is wrong with the people in Penang?


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