What Kind Of A World Do We Live In?

To say my life has been a one giant roller coaster ride is putting it mildly. I know that life is a journey of ups and downs and the only thing we can really do is prepare for the times when we are down. And all through my life, I have tried to prepare myself but even with careful and meticulous planning, there are times when life hits me like a solid brick and no amount of preparation could have prepared me to withstand the force of such hit.

But life teaches us to be strong; to pick up ourselves up after having fallen down, no matter how bad or painful it was. Those who manage to do this usually go on to live successful and happy lives and I truthfully feel for those who couldn’t pick themselves up, drawn back by some painful memories that do not allow them to move on mentally and/or emotionally. And to these peeps, while I pity them for their sufferings, I also can’t help but be annoyed with their own stupidity.

Seriously dude, no one can help you but yourself! Holding on to what happened to you in the past will never allow you to fulfil your future. I know there are things that could be painful and are not easily forgotten but rather than allow them to hinder your life progression, why not use them to inspire you to move on and try to live your life to the fullest?

Everyone has had something painful happened to them. Everyone. And if they can pick themselves up to live fulfilled lives, I seriously don’t see any reason why the others couldn’t? Perhaps it is easy for me to say it because I am a positive person but even in my darker hours, when I myself felt like giving up, I still somehow manage muster the courage to pick myself up and just believe in myself, allowing me to get out of the conundrums that I was in.

One of the most important thing that one needs when faced with such problems is a strong support system; people they can turn to who would encourage them to pick up the pieces and move on with their lives. When I went through a time when I thought I was truly done, the two most important women of my lives, the pillars of my strength and sources of my inspiration were there for me. During these truly trying times, their continuous and unconditional belief in me allowed me to get up and move on.

And look where I am now? I am on the top of my profession and loved by the peeps that I love. Oh, the haters obviously hate more but as always, I seriously couldn’t give a fuck! Their unfounded hatred only propels me to be even more successful in the things I do and make them hate even more.

Anyways, my point is, why does society keep people from picking themselves up when they fall? So that there’ll be more miseries in this world? Is that what society now wants for us? To prevent people from living happy lives?



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