So We Have A New Prime Minister...

This morning, Najib Tun Razak, the erstwhile Deputy Prime Minister, took oath as the country’s 6th Premier, succeeding Pak Lah who was forced to resign.

I have always been apolitical, having experience firsthand the evils of politics and I ain’t gonna do a political commentary on the demerits of having Najib as the country’s new leader. It goes out without saying that that his ascension to the highest political post in the land comes with lots of negativities and if I may add, justifiably so.

Before the multi-million kickbacks and way before the death of the Mongolian beauty, Najib has always had an image that is unbecoming of a Premier. He was always known to be fond of the opposite sex and even the female members of UMNO dread the times when they have to meet with him, especially those young and eye candy.

But hey, he’s the PM now; unless the opposition can come up with a miraculous but democratic means of over taking the parliament, we just have to live with it till the next general elections.

Oh well…


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