Say Whuuuuttttttt?!?

Recently, one of my friends informed me that she was a lesbian! LOL


I have nothing against homosexual and/or lesbian relationships, nothing at all. In fact, I know of and even have close friends who are homosexuals and have been in relationships like forever.

Unfortunately however, while I do know many lesbian couples, what I always hear is something that scares and disgusts the shit out of me. Whereas the major reasons for gay breakups is infidelity, lesbian relationships tend to be violent and more often than not, the aggrieved party always end up emotionally and mentally hurt as well as physically scarred.

Again, let me stress here that I have nothing against lesbians.

In the other parts of the world, two effeminate lesbians can form lasting relationships and go on to live their lives full of love and happiness. In Malaysia, such couples are very rare, mostly still afraid to come out for fear of society backlash. Most of the lesbian couples we have in this country are between an effeminate and a butch and this is where things go haywire.

As y’all probably know, generally, the butch lesbians tend to be super emotional when they are in-love. How many cut and scarred wrists have you seen on a butch’s arm? Seriously, they are kinda crazy and tend to go overboard when the relationships don’t work out.

Some lesbian couples are in a lifetime commitment relationships such as filmmaker Barbarra Hammer and her wife Dolores Parks

Anyways, going back to my friend, she has just embarked on a lesbian relationship with someone whom I know as well and while the latter is educated and really a great person, I still can’t help but worry about their relationship, especially if it doesn’t work out.

Would she be mistreated by her butch lover? Honestly, I don’t know and this is where my concerns are primarily based on. As I’ve said, the other girl is pretty cool but so are the other butch lesbians I know and yet, when they get into a relationship and it doesn’t work out, they tend to be violent to both themselves and their respective partners as well.

To know of lesbian couples is one thing; to know lesbian friends who are in a relationship is a totally different set of decorum. The question for me now is: if I could be friends with homosexual couples, can I be the same to lesbian couples?

Honestly, I don’t know...


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