Oh No You Don’t!

I’m all for men doing the most romantic things they could for the love for their wives. But there exists a clear delineation between being romantic and being a downright fool!

And one of the things that really gets to me is when I see a man holding woman’s handbag! Seriously dude, this is plain P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!!! I don’t understand why but the amount of cuckolds out there who do that for their girlfriends is alarmingly high.

Wherever you go, you will always see such emasculating habits by men, all purportedly in the name of being romantic. Ha! Romantic my ass!

Over lunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon with My Small Baby, we saw one such couple and both being disgusted by what we saw, My Small Baby excellently summarized this effeminate act and offered a piece of great advice to the women who allow, expect and encouraged their other halves to do this ridiculous and degrading ‘symbol’ of romanticism, with what she told me:

“Handbags are accessories; it compliments and/or completes your ensemble. If you go out and expect your boyfriend to carry it for you, what’s the point of accessorizing?”

Great words from a great woman.

So, listen up you bitches! hahaha


God be my judge, I wanted to put the picture of someone I know but he seems to be a good bloke and the girl whose bag he was carrying that night is a sweet girl, so yeah, I wil spare them the blushes :)


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