The Lure Of Advertising

I have always been fascinated by the world of advertising. The works that go around and the processes by which a great creative communication is churned is something that totally, till today, amazes me.

Of course, I am not the type to just sit down and admire something. After completing my MBA’s 2000 and having proved myself in the beautiful world of FMCG, I took the plunge and joined the advertising industry; my agency of choice? None other than the then creative powerhouse, Leo Burnett Advertising.

This afternoon, after back-to-back interfaces with the peeps from a renowned and global agency in the past week, an offer came my way. The role is not limited to a particular country per se but it offers a chance to set the global and regional brand direction for a list of international brands, all within the same business portfolio.

Furthermore, the team that I would be joining - of course, that is should I decide to take the offer - is above the in-country team. I’ll be taking care of the whole Asia-Pacific region and only have 1 client, based out of Hongkong.

The pros totally outweigh the cons, if you will. But being the sentimental kinda dude, the 2 cons that stopped me from jumping ship and taking the offer on the spot are things that are monumentally sentimental to me: 1. The adage “Once a Burnetter, Always a Burnetter” and 2. I have been smoking a particular brand of cigarettes since I first started.

I could easily let go of the first sentiment but should I accept the offer, it would be unethical for me to continue smoking my current brand when the very essence of this role is setting the direction of a competing brand.



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