In Due Time

Ever since I updated my Facebook account with a twitter entry regarding my decision to go back into the wonderful and stressful world of Advertising, I have received numerous calls, texts, emails and FB messages enquiring as to why and which agency.

I have explained the reasons why in a previous post. Simply put, the challenges and opportunities the role provides is something that I have been achingly longing for in recent years. Sure, being in the FMCG industry has its perks but if truth be told, I have become kinda bored with it; bored to a point where I know I’m gonna be doing the same things over and over again.

Going back to Advertising offers a new intellectual challenge for me and albeit, I will only have one client, the works required is not your typical agency work. And being part of the management team of the regional hub, my works will set the direction globally for the Brands that I will be working on for the said client.

I know some of y’all are itching to know which agency is lucky enough to get my signature no? Hehehe

In due time, peeps, in due time.

The agency will be revealed on my birthday :)


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