I Ain't Feeling It

The F1 fever in the country is back but I ain't feeling it.

Ever since Michael Shumacher retired from the sport, my interest in F1 has declined over the years. I was a big fan of the man and when I first started liking F1, he was with the great Ferrari team already and it was obvious which team I supported.

Since it first came to Malaysia 11 years ago, the F1 weekend has become a spectacle of some sorts for Malaysians. We have F1 parties thrown by each teams all over and every mall you go to have a corner reserved for some of the bigger teams.

But yeah, I ain’t feeling it anymore. Every year, it’s the same shit and while I have been privileged to get complimentary grand stand tickets every year, courtesy of the peeps from SIC, I haven’t watched a race in 7 0r 8 years.

If I were to support a team now, it would be BMW; I like the color of their cars, I drive one and they have Dell as one of their sponsors

The scene is very much the same, really, even during the race. You don’t get to see the cars save for a few seconds when they pass by wherever you are seated and then you are left with watching the race from the screen, until they pass by again.

Instead of joining the F1 hoopla, I’m gonna head to 1U instead and watch a movie with My Small Baby.

*and drags his lazy ass out*


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