Confession # 3

I have never been to Sky Bar Kuala Lumpur.

Until the 18th of April, 2009.

Sure I have been to Trader’s Hotel - where it is located - a lot of times to pick up and/or drop off my ex-staff and colleagues whenever they are in town for business meetings and PC Fairs. To those who do not know, the company I used to worked for uses the Shangri-La Hotels Group as its preferred hotel of choice and Trader’s is part of the group.

The birthday girl! Simply gorgeous isn't she? :)

Anyways, despite all that, I have never been to the one thing that made it famous. I have always been biased towards it as every person whom I know from Penang tends to visit the place when they are in KL. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the peeps from Penang - at least not all of them – but I just don’t understand their fascination with the Sky Bar.

Until I went there myself.

My Small Baby wanted to go there for her birthday and who am I to refuse the birthday girl? We started of her night with a dinner at the hotel’s Gobo restaurant and boy was I surprised! The food is one of the best I’ve had in the country ever! That’s how delicious they were.

Awesome ambience and sumptuous food: what else is there?

After a truly sumptuous dinner, My Small Baby and I headed off to the 33rd floor where Sky Bar is located and as soon as I walked in, I was totally blown by how beautiful the place is! And with the KLCC as a backdrop, it was just truly breathtaking!

Simply Majestic!

Adding to the overall surprise, I found out that the Sky Bar is a Moet & Chandon outlet! Why haven’t I been there before still baffles me. For someone whose poison of choice is M&C Brut Imperial, it is truly mind-boggling that I have never even wanted to go there at all. The only drawback for me is the music they play; as y’all probably by now, I am a huge hip-hop fan but they play house over there :(

But as much as I despise the music genre they play there, I know I am going to go there again.

Happy Birthday C Mol!


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