Calling Upon The Reds Of Liverpool

I implore y’all to just give up!

After coming from 0-2 score, the mighty Red Devils thumped the hapless Tottenham Spurs with 5 second half goals and clearly demonstrated the eternal never-day-say-die attitude that makes Man United the best team in the world.

We’re 3 points clear with a match in hand in the EPL and while we have lost the chance to do the quintuple, we are still very much on course to win four. I’d like to think that the Premier League is in the back already, even with the game against Arsenal still to come.

Speaking of the Gunners, I know we will beat Arsenal in the semi-finals of the Champions League. The final is very much undeterminable but should we play like the way we normally play, I am confident we will be the first back-to-back winners of the Champions League in the modern era.

Four out of five ain’t bad; aint bad at all.


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