Why Do I Still Go Out?

I know I have been going out a lot the last few months.

Like, really a lot.

Usually, I go out because I have a reason. I have stopped going out just because I felt like going out. It’s the same shit on different days no? Same pretentious people, same suck-ups and same music.

But yes, lately, I have been going out. But I do have good reasons why or is it just an excuse? I like to think they are not but I am somewhat confused.

If you have partied with me, you know why this pic

Anyways, when someone is in town whom I have good memories of, and they want to hit the clubs, I won’t deny them. And as with my other eccentricities, when I do something, I tend to do it all the time or none at all.

And yes, I have been going out a lot lately. Honestly, I go because of friends who are visiting. And lately, they seem to come every week and hence, willingly or otherwise, I’ll end up somewhere in the 4 clubs at Zouk.

The thing is I don’t enjoy myself at all anymore. Oh, it’s great to catch up with my friends but I’d rather do it over dinner or something where conversations are comprehensible and plausible.

Do I sound bitter?

Only Moet

I know it’s only peripherally, and perhaps academically, to do with my addiction and passion for Air Jordan’s, so if you’re averse to such musings I suggest you click away now and come back another time. I fucking won’t mind

I also know that I’m not going anywhere particularly interesting with this entry, by the way – it’s just something I feel compelled to get off my chest.

And thank you for reading, even if you feel I wasted your time.

And no, I ain’t apologizing.


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