Excuse Me, Isn't Your Blood Red As Well?

I have nothing but respect for the royalties of this country, I really do.

But I only respect those who deserve my respect. And unfortunately, the existence of royalties in whatever we do and wherever we go is not the ones who deserve my respect.

Before you go emo and all pro-Melayu on me, again, I do have nothing but respect for them but then again, as mentioned, I will only respect those who are worth respecting.

Nowadays, just because you have a prefix before your name, you expect all Malaysians to look at you in awe and give you the respect that you don’t deserve. And truthfully, I am not one of those type who would vow to you because you belong to a particular state’s royal household.

I am not gonna apologize to anyone of you either. If you think you are worth respecting, then you should fucking know who I am and my family and would know that I only respect those who are worth it!

Moreover, as a Muslim, the only thing that differentiates you royalties and commoners like me is the good that you do while in this world. Besides that, I am not required to look at you in awe just because you are a royalty.

What is a royalty anyways? You are no different from me and the rest of your so-called subjects; and more often than not, we are more educated and cultured than most of you. In today’s world, the only thing that holds anyone of you above us – and that is nothing but a misconceived perception, if I may add – is that the people that you sovereign over are mostly rural based who don’t really know what kinds of people you are.

Royalties? My younger brother's been dating one of y’all for years. And while I have nothing but respect for my future sis-in-law and her family, I can’t say the same thing for most of y’all.

I have friends and acquaintances who are royals and some of them are really great peeps; unfortunately, the whole thing is ruined by the few who think that the commoners owe them a favor or something.

So, fucking sue me?


Dom said...

I found your blog post via key word search and I think it is still relevant in 2015 as it was when you published it in 2010. I have a child and would want a better Malaysia for her given our country's situation in 2015. Staying put in this country is primarily because we want her to know her grandparents and like your post - we want to be here for our parents in their golden years. Hence we pray everyday that God will still bless us with the decision we have made. We also continually pray that our country Malaysia will turn around for the better someday.

Thanks for this blog post.

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