RIP: Francis M.

Francis M, one of the pioneers of Filipino rap and who was once Asia’s Rap King passed away yesterday, succumbing to leukemia at 44.

The last pics of the King

Kiko, as we knew him, was the complete master artiste – actor, rapper, TV show host, producer, among many things. But what made him standout is his devotion to his family, something that many of the celebrities of our generation do not hold valuable anymore.

I was privileged to have known him when I was helming my own hip-hip brand. We collaborated together and his professionalism and dedication to the hip-hop culture is unrivaled by anyone in this part of the world.

Once a Sneakerhead, always a Sneakerhead

A fellow Sneakerhead who had his own clothing brand, the dude had class written all over him in whatever he did.

Farewell my friend and may God bless your soul.


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