Owning The Night!

He is known to the who’s who of Malaysian society as Alex.

To his close friends, he is Sir Lex. To the rest, he is the man.

And the man is back in KL.

And as always, when he is back, we all get together and catch up. Last Saturday, I met up with them - Sir Lex, Pretty Boy and Lou. Alex is in town from Amsterdam and while the two half and quarter British boys are mostly in KL, we seldom meet as our schedules are never in-tuned.

Sir Lex being Sir Lex

Van and My Li'l Girl were also there

But these are dudes I don’t meet all the time but whom I can count on anytime when I need them. This is just the way we roll.

Anyways, Sir Lex is in town to visit his mom. And like we always do when we are all together, we just tend to ‘own’ the place.

And last Saturday, we did just that.


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