Money Well Wasted

When I was still aggressively collecting Air Jordan’s, a lot of people do not understand the passion and craziness that I had in going after every pair that dropped.

To them, spending thousands and thousands of dollars monthly for shoes is just plain money-wasting. Honestly, I can’t really blame these people. The amount of money I have spent through the years on shoes is indeed borderline stupidity.

Being a Sneakerhead, I get to enjoy where my money went

I’m not trying to justify such an expensive hobby but I’m not the only one in this game; there are far crazier collectors out there.

In retrospect, it is indeed a lot of money but in the same token, I have no regrets. After all said and done, when I go into my shoe room, it still puts a smile to my face.

I'm wasting too much money on unnecessary stuff!

But here is the problem. Now that I have sort of retired, I have been spending money elsewhere and on things that seriously doesn’t make me happy at all. Unlike with my J’s, the money I've been spending on nowadays do not leave me with anything, not even memories, at all.

To me, this is wastage. My biggest problem is that I can never be in-between; I’m always either at the far ends of the spectrum. Right now, I am on the aggressive end and it’s really making me think about how I am living my life.

I need balance in my life right now :(

I just have to be more disciplined and I hope to muster enough inner strength to pull me out of this slump.


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