Just Call For An Election Already!

Not exactly the way I envisioned my first post to be after moving to my own custom domain but I seriously think the political impasse in Perak has gone beyond ridiculous!

I am not going to any details nor will I write about what transpired but when the elected lawmakers and the assembly speaker are forced to meet under a tree, it is just too much!

I’m no expert but I am of the opinion that the political tug-of-war between UMNO and the democratically-elected PKR government is going to go on and on and on with no clear solutions.

The best way to stop this madness is to call for a fresh election and let the people of Perak decide. Then again, this is what UMNO hopes to avoid because they are surely gonna get their asses whipped so bad that they may lose more seats if such election were to happen.

But still, if I were the Perak Sultan, I will make amends with what I did and do the right thing and that is to dissolve the state assembly and call for a fresh elections, irrespective of what the expected outcome is.

After all, it’s the people of Perak he sovereigns over no?


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