It’s About Time!

Finally, after years of depriving Malaysians with two of the greatest things in the world, the time has arrived for us to experience what millions of people the world over have been enjoying for years.

First, the best doughnuts in the world is finally reaching our shores. The first outlet is currently being constructed in Berjaya Times Square and while I am not sure as to when the official opening is, the fact that the outlet is almost done is a good sign to many.

Personally, unlike most Malaysians, I am lucky enough to have my regular supply of Krispy Kreme and it is great to know that soon, the reliance on friends and families residing overseas for supplies is finally over. And Malaysians being Malaysians, I foresee the endless queues when the outlet finally opens.

And of course, after almost 2 years since it first came out, Apple’s iPhone is finally here, in partnership with Maxis. Those of you who know me would also know that I am one of the first few Malaysians who had the opportunity to own an iPhone.

While there are a lot of people who own one now, none of our phones are legal per se and now that it is finally here, I wonder how many will legalize their sets and get the ones from Maxis.

Whatever it is, I am just glad that Krispy Kreme and the iPhones are finally here.

Better late than never right?


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