If You Ain't Born Into It, Forget It

We currently live in scary times.

With the global recession right in our faces, the world economy is struggling to cope with the unexpected financial onslaught that has immobilized many nations.

And yet, in Malaysia, the rise of the social climbers is at an all time high. Every day, we know of or meet people who are so desperate to climb the social circles that they become the butt jokes of many.

Just what makes someone think they’re up there? Fuck, even celebrity bloggers are so nauseated with illusions of grandeur that just because thousands of people follow their blogs daily, they think they have reached the plateau of society! Even big time celebrities are not even up there, what more some young twats whose claim to fame is blogging?

Fucking ‘ey!

Honestly, how many little girls do you know who are trying so fucking hard to be seen? Did it even occur to these fucking social retards that being seen in club parties do not make one a part of the society who’s who?

There is a huge difference between a socialite and a fixture in the night scene and rightfully so. Just because Paris Hilton was both doesn’t mean that one can take the short cut to being a socialite by being a regular clubber and party goer.

What these people don’t know is that you just can’t be a socialite; you need to be born into a family that is one. Or, to a lesser degree, you can marry into someone who is.

The crème de la crème of any society is not a fortress that admits new champions easily; even those who recently found money and power could find themselves on the outside regardless of their charms and abilities and/or amount of money and influence they have acquired. This is just how the world of the socialites operates and nothing could change it; it’s a tradition passed down and practiced for generations.

So, to those celebrity bloggers who want to be part of the country’s crème de la crème so badly, my advice is find yourself someone to marry as it’s the only way you’ll get in. I’m sure there are people out there whose families have been socialites for generations but are stupid enough to marry because someone looks good.

But you know what? Are there any bloggers out there who are good enough to be noticed? And what I mean by 'good enough' is not just how one looks but the whole,'nah mean?

Really, are there?


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