Have They No Shame?

I am a strong proponent of going after your dreams. I am a dreamer too and believe in going after my dreams.

But I am also cognizant of the fact that I am living in the real world and only dream of things I know I am capable of reaching and fulfilling. And I do dream big but all of my dreams are within the realms of reality, not some wishful thinking that could only end up in nothing but severe frustrations.

Last night, I was chatting with a friend and was referred to the Malaysian Dreamgirls website. To my readers overseas – and most of you are – it is a reality show that apparently searches for the next ‘it’ model in Malaysia.

The wannabe's

To my horror, majority for those who attended the open casting are not only NOT qualified to be models but look more like maids and tukang uruts!

They don’t have the looks, the charisma, the poise and most of them can’t even construct a proper and correct English sentence for god’s sake and yet they want to be models? I wouldn’t even hire them as cigarette girls for rural places, seriously.

What the fuck are these people thinking?

What is happening to Malaysian youths? Kids nowadays are so blinded by glamor and fame that they subject themselves to such humiliation!

Seriously, what the fuck are these girls thinking? And what are their parents thinking? What kind of parents condone such imbecility?

What was she thinking? No mirrors at home issit?

I ain’t gonna do a running commentary on all them but just to cite an example for you to get what I’m saying. In episode 1 (video 1-1), you have an Indian girl, Amanda; when asked what passport she is holding, she replied “South American”! What the fuck is that? Does she even know that South America is a continent and not a country? Granted there are continental passports given out but I am sure she doesn’t have one. Trust me, if you have one of those, you wouldn’t be doing things that would humiliate you and your family!

There are more examples of how low our youths have exchanged dignity for a few seconds of fame. Just watch the show and you know what I mean.

Anyways, the whole thing is crap, if you ask me. I seriously don’t know what the show is hoping to achieve but if they are indeed looking for the next ‘it’ girl, then it is all a sham.

I'm sure they will try to pick the best among the lot and I'm also sure that there'll be be one or two who would are really qualified. I hope this time around, they will try to avoid the kind of debacle that happened in last year's edition. Let the real winner win, I say.

Season 1 Finalists

Oh, by the by, they have two online judges; the two most popular bloggers in the country. They may have the biggest fans but judges for a beauty contest? C'mon now! One is the very reason why ugly and fat people have the guts to humiliate themselves in public by showing that it’s ok to make a fool of yourself (Cleo's MEB anyone?) The other judge is the epitome of an insecure girl, always changing her 'style' to find her real self.

Again, let me reiterate that I am all for going after one’s dreams. But it has to be dreams that are not beyond reach. How do you expect someone as big as a cow and who looks like a vegetable seller to become the country’s next top model?

Dreamgirls? More like nightmare actually.

NOTE TO MY FOREIGN AND OVERSEAS READERS: Malaysia has a lot more beautiful women than these wannabe's; the good one ones would never ever go through such process to be noticed.


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