Gutter-Uncensored Censored!

Whatever happened to ‘freedom of speech”? Isn’t it a fundamental right as contained in Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and a part of the first Amendment to the US Constitution?

In a country like the US, where the right to speech is sacred, the censoring of the website, owned and ran by an American in America, is totally surprising.

I’m sure a lot of you know that the blog started having issues after publishing the blurry naked pics of Eli Wong. And when another entry touched on the kids of the prominent politicians in the country, the nightmare began for the blog.

Todate, his blog has been deleted by Google a total of 5 times! Yes, 5 fucking times! Before Google took over Blogger, the latter was a shining example of an organization that not only promotes freedom of speech but actually encourages it.

But what surprises me more in this whole affair is the power and influence the Malaysian government over a global organization like Google. The site has been openly divulging scandals all over the world, including Malaysia, but it was only when our politicians became the topic that all the troubles started.

We know the kind of democracy we have in the country but for an American working out of the US to be censured by a global company because of the influences of the Malaysian government, I can’t help but think and believe that democracy could indeed be bought.

It could be right?


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