Confession #1

No, I’m not not confessing anything Air Jordan-related; I am starting a new tag that would chronicle things and places I have never done or been to.

I know a lot of people know and/or think, depending on whom you ask and how well do they know me, that I live the high life but contrary to popular beliefs, there are a lot of things that I want to do but am yet to do them.

Tenji has to be the most popular Japanese joint in the country. Just look at the crowd queuing up at 10pm!

Similarly, for someone who has travelled the world, you’d be surprised to find out that there are places that I have never been to and it’s not even so much as that particular places(s) is far or hard to get to.

So yeah, confession #1: I have never been to Solaris in Mont Kiara until today. Yup, for such a popular place amongst Malaysians who reside in the Klang Valley, one would think that I have been there at some point but the truth is, today was the first time I have been there.

And it’s a real nice place! Hahaha Sure I know people who live in the area, have even visited their places but never have I been to Solaris, I just never thought much about it.

Bon-Ga, the Korean Restaurant we went to

My Small Baby felt like having Korean food today and it just so happened that I know someone whose girlfriend just opened a Korean restaurant in the area. And that is how I ventured into Solaris for the very first time.

Too much food for two people eh?

I am really pleasantly surprised with how the place is and I know I'll go there again soon.

Japanese buffet, anyone?


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