What a movie!

I recently watched Slumdog Millionaire with My Small Baby and I was simply amazed, blown away more like, with the film.

Simply put, the movie is about love; the unconditional, true and undying kind. It tells the story of an 18 year old boy who lived his life for the one girl he is in love with, doing everything he could to find her again. It is such an inspiration to know that true love does exist! Normally, I would have dismissed the idea of puppy love as one of those Miley Cyrus-types of shows that I would never be caught dead watching.

But the way this movie was put together was purely magnificent, borderline great even. Using a popular game show as the backdrop of a love story, coupled with background flashes to narrate how the protagonist knew the seemingly unanswerable answers for a ‘chai-wallah’ as well as usage of the actual Mumbai slums are pure cinematic ingenuity.

If truth be told, not since “The Notebook” did I enjoy watching a movie of the love-story genre and Slumdog Millionaire, even with its certain negativities, is a better movie in my opinion.

The last time I was drawn to a movie like this was when I watched “E.T” the first time when I was 10. It was that riveting to me! But whereas the Drew Barrymore, whom I absolutely adore by the by, movie was purely fantasy for a 10 year old, Slumdog however is not.

The movie, to me, perfectly expressed the manifestation of how much I love My Small Baby and the great lengths I would take and go to to ensure her happiness. The undying love of a boy for the girl he loves.

And throughout the movie, I kept on stealing glances at My Small Baby and kept thinking that, like Jamal in the movie, I am just a boy who has found his girl, who will do anything and everything for the girl, all in the name of love...


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