Why I Don’t Date Malays

I have been with My Small Baby for ages now and we have managed to look past our imperfections, all in the name of love and mutual respect.

But I am continuously bombarded, especially by those who don’t know me and/or My Small Baby and who are mostly new acquaintances, with the question of why I don’t date Malay girls.

Honestly, I don’t really have a straight answer. I mean, sure there are Malay women out there who do not belong to the typical myopic lot but I guess I am just not attracted to them and not just physically.

Or maybe I am yet to meet someone who understands the kind of life I’ve lived. I’ve met a lot of them who has lived like the way I lived but do not understand why I chose to prove myself on my own as opposed to taking the short cut to success by using the family’s influence.

I know a lot of Malay girls who are acquaintances and even friends and most of them belong to a particular family name, if you know what I mean. They are mostly educated abroad, living the life and all. But when it’s time to face the real world, they choose to tag on to what daddy has done and pretend to make it their own. Not all but it is fair to say that most of them are.

A lot of my homeys back in the States and in the Philippines often ask me about Malay girls. To them, Malays are more exotic but I personally think that is only because Malays are far scarcer in where they are. I guess that there are just too many Chinese in the States and these guys don’t really know the difference between a Malaysian Chinese and that of other countries. Y'all know how 'educated' Americans can be hahaha

But whatever the reasons may be, it is not because I don’t like them or look down on them. On the contrary, I do find some of them to be very worldly, classy, cultured and beautiful but it’s just not enough for me, y’know?

But of course, all this is moot as I am with the most perfect person I could ever hope for.

Then again, in dessert language, what I have is a crème brûlée; why should I want a pisang goreng?

Think about it.


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