What’s Wrong With Nike Malaysia?

I personally think that Nike Malaysia is the worst Nike office in the world.

For a country that is supposedly infected with sneakerheads, the shit that drops here are just that, shit.

And please don’t give the tier story coz I don’t buy it. The amount of money that people I know spend on getting what they want overseas is big enough for y’all to put forward a case with Nike Asia and get better shit, as opposed to what is sold here, which is, have I said shit?

Instead of spending too much time kissing a few of the retailers’ ass, how about thinking about what the consumers want? The retail industry is all about the consumers and not a few 'VIP's' who claim to represent the public.

A couple of years ago, my headhunter hollered at me and informed me that Nike Malaysia was 'interested' in meeting up but from the onset, I rejected the very thought of being the Country Marketing Manager of Nike Malaysia for the very simple reason that I can’t and won’t work with a bunch of fucking idiots.

Would you?


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