Simply Adorable

I know this will sound creepy but I love this girl.

I loved her from the first time I saw her in “I am Sam” and have become a fan since.

"I am Sam" What a movie!

She is the best child star in her generation and besides the great Shirley Temple, I don’t think we will see anyone as talented and as matured as this girl in the years to come.

And now she has grown up and she has grown up to be a beautiful girl. And I’m gonna put it out there, Dakota Fanning is going to win multiple Oscar awards in her lifetime, I’m sure of it.

She has grown up to be a beautiful girl

In my life, the only other child star that I really liked was Alyssa Milano - she is still my favourite celebrity; not actress, that goes to Julia Roberts - but it is different because I grew up with her. During my teens, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, Alyssa Milano was the most beautiful girl in the world and I ain’t ashamed to admit this but her posters adorn my room walls for years right up until I was in the University.

My Alyssa Milano :)

My all-time favorite actress

But my admiration for Dakota Fanning is different. Whereas I couldn’t wait to see Alyssa Milano naked in a movie, I am hoping that Dakota would not do anything of that kind.

Seriously, she is going to a star to watch in the coming years.


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