It's In The Bag

Ok, fine.

I know it’s pre-mature to talk about this considering that it’s far from being finalized but deep within, I know this is as good as done. I have gone through this process a lot of times already and I somehow know when something is in the bag.

And this is in the bag.

How do I know? I just. My parents have given me a lot and for all those that they have given me, their genes for intuitively knowing when something is a shoo in is truly Godsend.

I also know that I’m not supposed to be blab about this but it’s hard to keep my mouth shut, especially with things that concern my future and the opportunity to work on yet another renowned international brand(s) :)

So yeah, I have gotten myself another opportunity. At least, I have another option to choose from. Should I make a u-turn in order to go up the corporate ladder? Or do I just completely forget what was agreed upon and explore the opportunities before me?

As the days pass by, I am more inclined to do the latter. I was advised by a fella from my former agency that I have burnt the bridge when I left and to do a u-turn, as per my plan, is not such a sweet thing to look forward to anymore.

I can see a U-Turn sign ahead: Should I do it? Or should I just go straight?

Lucky for me, the offers that come my way are mostly from organizations with great brands but this one is tad bit special. It’s a brand that almost every kid in the States, the world actually, grew up to.

And should I undertake this, I will be working on a brand that brings so much great memories. It's inspiring to have a large project to work on again - it feels like being a student, only self-driven, and fuelled more by the innate desire to make a difference than endless glasses of self-made coffee and fear of the unknown.

Ah, the unfair advantage of someone who is good at what he does.

Do I need to apologize?


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