My 9 All-Time Favorite J's

There have been 23 editions of the Air Jordan's since 1985 and since I have somewhat retired, plus the fact that the Air Jordan signature shoes have stopped at # 23, the time has come for me to share with y'all my 9 favorite Air Jordan's of all time.

1. Air Jordan XIII - All Colorways

The 13's are just my all time favorite! They are also my favorite J to ball in, just the perfect fit.

2. Air Jordan III – Black/Cement’s and True Blue’s

The 3’s are very memorable to me; they were the ones I wore when I became a man hehe

3. Air Jordan IX – Carolina’s

They were the pairs I wore during graduation and symbolized my being a graduate.

4. Air Jordan XI – Concorde’s and BRed’s

The very first J’s that I paid with my own salary :)

5. Air Jordan V – White/Fire Red and Grape’s

The 5’s marked a few milestones in my life. I was finally legal and travelled to Asia on my own for the first time. Nothing but great memories.

6. Air Jordan I

What can I say? They are my very first. And when I reminisce about the things that I had to do in order for my parents to get them always bring a smile to my face.

7. Air Jordan VII – Hare’s

Bugs Bunny, ‘nuf said.

8. Air Jordan VI – Black/Infra Red’s and AJ IV – White Cement’s

A tie between the 6 and 4’s, only because I can’t separate them. I like the OG in the 6 as it is better quality and prefer the White/Cement’s for the 4’s because they are, to me, the most attractive amongst the 4’s.

9. Air Jordan XVIII – Black/Sport Royal

My Small Baby’s favorite J! And it’s no coincidence that I placed it at #9; y’all know that the #9 is a major part of my life right? (Sorry, I can't find a pic of my own pair and too lazy to bring them out to take pics but I guarantee you that I do have them. Or do you wanna challenge me on this too eh Bunga?)

Of course, each sneakerhead and J collector has their own favorites and preferences; the above are my own personal favorites and ranking. And so as not to be seen as showboating, not that I give a fuck by the way, I only included the GR's.

But then again, the limited editions do not really rank high up there in my book as all time faves. I do have lots of them limited editions but none of them are memorable enough for me to include as all time faves. But if I were to include one, I would have to say the DMP’s because they’re the only ones I hustled for together with My Small Baby.


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