Is It Too Much To Ask?

God, can you please allow Federer to beat Rafa again in a Slam, even just once?

I am all for good matches and the battles between these two surely make tennis worth watching. But lately, albeit hard-fought and gruelling, Nadal has been whipping Federer’s ass!

Well, perhaps Nadal is better than Federer now but I would really love for Federer to win another Slam to equal Pistol Pete’s 14 Slam’s. It would be better if he could win two more though and become the winningest tennis player ever; he surely deserves it.

As I was watching the Australian Open final last night, I knew Nadal will beat Federer again. And he did but my heart went out to Federer when he couldn’t stop crying during the ceremony.

Is it too much to ask to let him win another Slam?


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