Good Ol’ Wee Lee

Last Night, my friend from Penang was in KL to attend a wedding and I took the opportunity to catch up with him the way I know he likes it – going out and get him wasted! Hahaha

For the uninformed, Wee Lee is my ex-colleague but more importantly, he became a friend when I was in Penang. Besides BadBoyBen, he was one of a few handful people who really welcomed me and made my stay in the island memorable.

Good ol’ Wee Lee introduced to the people in Penang who mattered. He was a constant companion when I went out, even took care of me the times when I was sick and even got me papers when I complained that I haven’t read one since I moved there. That’s how sweet the dude is.

Suffice to say, when you have Wee Lee as a friend and you are in Penang, you're in for a great, great time.

So, when I knew he was gonna be in town, I made sure that I had to bring him out. And because he is a true friend, I accorded him the highest treatment by having My Small Baby there as well.

My Small Baby, the taikache and by far, the most gorgeous girl in the club!

And as always when Wee Lee is around, we had a blast!


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