Get A Life!

I received a comment on my blog with the following message:

I don’t know what’s the deal with you. You’re so out there wherever myfriends and I go and worst, you always think that you own the club and shit,sipping champaigne and wearing branded goods from head to toe. What’s up with that la? You may have the money but you don’t have to shot it la

Firstly, it would be nice if you could spell champagne correctly; it has no ‘i’ y’dig?

What’s the deal with me? Nothing. I live my life the way I have always lived for years. I ain’t apologizing because you and your friends are dimwitted assholes who are not up to my level. Nor will I apologize for being acknowledged by the management of the club that I go to with VIP treatment while you and your dudes sweat it out with everyone else. I don’t own the club that I frequent but I’ve done enough to be treated as such.

I haven’t been paying attention to what I wear when I go out but thank you for pointing it out. Do I really wear only branded stuff? Hmmm… Have you seen what brand of socks do I wear? Yes I love my Air Jordan’s and my Ralph Lauren’s but is it my fault that I can afford them?

Get an education, first and foremost, and then work your butt off and hope that you get lucky so that you can start affording and less obsessing with what I wear.

Some peeps are just fucked up eh?

And obviously, his comments went into the thrash bin.


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