Mr Angry Man Has Left The Building!

I was told that tomorrow is Mr Angry Man's last day with Bates141.

I just got to know him recently, when I decided to give the Dell business to them. But despite knowing him for only a few months, he had proven to be a good friend to me and have done something that I would never, ever forget.

He is not an easy dude to deal with, I can guarantee you that. LOL But what his exterior personality doesn’t show is the heart of gold that he possesses, a trait that is increasingly becoming scarcer nowadays.

From the moment we met, he and I clicked; we have so many uncanny resemblances in our thoughts and emotions that My Small Baby even jokes that I will be him in 10 years time!

Seriously though, it’s a pleasure to have met and befriended a soul like him. I’m sure our friendship will go on even though I have been MIA the past few weeks and for this, I offer my profound apologies.

Chief, if you are reading this, I will see you very, very soon.

I salute you, my 'fwen'!


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