Fairytales Do Come True

Never have I sat down for 3 ½ hours consecutively unless it’s to watch NBA, Man United games and/or movies. But today I did just that and only did it for one thing – watch with high hopes that Slumdog Millionaire will win the most-coveted Best Picture award.

And Slumdog did just that. And more. And some more.

Admittedly, they were the sentimental favourites; after all, it is a small budget movie about the slums of Mumbai but one that captured the imagination and hearts of everyone who watched it. I have blogged about what I personally thought of the movie and like those who have watched it, are hoping that the Academy Awards jury will agree to what is already known.

I think the whole show was ok-ok only la and while Wolverine tried his best, and had glimpses of wonders, it paled in comparison to the times when Billy Crystal and Chris Rock hosted it. But the Oscar’s is not about the host, it’s about the movies no?

Danny Boyle wins Best Director

The first award given was that of Best Supporting Actress and it went to Penelope Cruz for her excellent portrayal of a jealous ex-wife in Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

My personal favorite Sean Penn

But it was the way all the acting awards were presented that made the day memorable. When my personal favourite, Sean Penn, took the honours for Best Actor for his brilliant rendering of Harvey Milk in Milk, 5 former Oscar Best Actor awardees presented the award – Michael Douglas (Wall Street), Robert De Niro (Raging Bull), Adrien Brody (The Pianist), Sir Anthony Hopkins (Silence of The Lambs) and Sir Ben Kingsley (Gandhi). Wow! I just realized that I do watch lots of movies, I effortlessly knew the movies by which these 5 won. Not bad eh?

Similarly, when Kate Winslet won for Best Actress, the same format was used and Shirley MacLaine, Sophia Loren, Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry and last year's champ, Marion Cotillard, all handed the award.

The Best Actress - Kate Winslet

As expected, Heath Ledger won the Best Supporting Actor and his family received the award on his behalf. Their speech also brought the crowd to tears.

Heath Ledger's Mom, Dad and Sister

But the night belonged to Slumdog. They won 8 awards in all including the coveted Best Picture and Best Director awards. They also won the Oscar’s for Adapted Screenplay, Cinematography, Film Editing, Sound Mixing and Original Score and Original Song for A.R. Rahman, who, in my opinion, is India’s finest modern musician.

The Fairytale Winners

It was a fairytale all right. But even fairytales have to end.

The Oscars mark the finish of the awards season. It will be a bitter-sweet feeling for the Slumdog family. This is the last time that they will ever gather together under one roof. For most of them the awfully big adventure is now over. But for a lucky few it might have just begun.

And to me, Slumdog Millionaire will remain as one of the best movies of all the time. Not that I needed it, but this movie just reinforced how much in-love I am with My Small Baby.


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