You know you were good at what you did when your ex-boss takes the time to write you an email even after you have left. It shows that you have made a lasting impression and have done what was required of you.

And yes, I was and still am good at what I do. Don't think so? Check this out.


I am sorry for my silence. The email from you to tell you leave Dell came as no surprize. But it tool long time to find out what I can write to you even with short e-mail. You were one of my team member who is memorable to me. You were unique. I wish you could be working at Dell longer but I knew again this moment would come. Thank you for working at Dell almost 1 year. I believe you brought something which we did not have. I hope this experience meant something to you. Let me know what stage you will move to and keep in touch. I heard you are visiting Japan frequently. Please let me and Inoue-san know about this at that time!

Btw, I put my personal email accounts in cc. Please use that as well.

Japan Consumer Retail Sales Director
Toru Matsuura
Tel : 81-44-520-7589
Fax : 81-44-556-1173

I received an email from my ex-boss a few days ago. He was the one who went beyond the convention to hire me, the one who fought against the entire HR department - specially the Compensation & Benefits Division - so that I could get the remuneration I deserved.

When he was transferred back to Japan, we even gave him a farewell party and the whole team was there to pay tribute to one brilliant man.

And to receive an email from such a brilliant human being speaks volume and means a lot to me. If he were still around, I’m sure I will still be with Dell.

Thanks Matsuura-san.


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