Trust The Japanese To Deliver

For the last few months, I have been searching for this one small thing and I just can’t seem to find it. Even My Small Baby did her part by looking for the same thing whenever she is overseas but to no avail.

We even thought that maybe people in this world stopped using such a thing; or maybe people just don’t care about their nostrils anymore! Hahaha

Just love them dimplets and bunny teeth!

Anyways, My Small Baby and I went to the Curve for dinner last night; tried the new menu in TGIF and it was aight and even the desert was ok-ok only la, not as good as the ones in Bakerzin (which has closed down since after a business dispute with the principal in SG).

The CNY ambient in the Curve: it's not your typical red stuff

Walking around, I chanced upon a RM5 shop of everything Japanese and as My Small Baby was busily browsing through some stuff in the store next-door, I went in to the Japanese shop; half-hoping, half-expecting that they would have the thing I have been looking for.

And true enough they had it!

The RM5 shop where I found what i was looking for

The place where we watched Man United demolished Chelsea

WDYWT 1.11.09: AJ IV Mars


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