Last Hurrah?

I am different and I always do things differently.

Since I took the helm as Country Marketing Manager for the Malaysian Consumer business at the end of October, on top of my current portfolio as ASEAN lead, I think I have done some great stuff with the help of my indefatigable ad agency and we always did them differently.

It started with the launch of the Inspiron Mini and the Studio range of products, followed that up with the opening of the first retail experiential store and the oh-so-successful Snow Globe that brought ambient marketing in the country to a whole new level.

In between, we started the Save The Earth Campaign, kick-started my seeding program, created lots of pocket activations that helped built our Brand and addressed the consumers mentally and emotionally.

But I wanted to end the year in a remarkable way.

The obvious and easiest way is to do a NYE countdown but everyone is already going to do that. Instead, the agency came up with a brilliant idea of doing it differently, a not-so-conventional way of doing a countdown a day before the whole country does it!

I had to be different to make a difference.


And yet again, it was a complete success :)

The entrance itself was cool!

What can I say dude? I’m just fucking good at what I do. And it started with the inspiration of getting the right agency to do the right things the right way. I could have easily selected the more prominent agencies within the WPP family but I don’t roll that way.

I guess my advantage was that I had the power or authority to do as such. I feel for those who know what they want but couldn’t appoint the right agency because of the bureaucracy of their company. I do have my battles within the organization I work for but because of the seniority in my possession, I am still allowed to make decisions and thank God I made the right choice.

Teaming up with Malaysia’s most famous musical duo, Lapsap with DJ’s Blink and Xu and holding the event at the country’s most famous secret melting pot, Palate Palette, were the right ingredients in concocting a great way to end the year and judging from the inspiration and the faces of joy of those who were present last night, I knew I have done it again.

Lapsap Crew of DJ's Blink and Xu

But mad props must be given to Bates141 Malaysia, without whom none of this would have ever materialized. Even though in the eyes of the Dell organization it is my success, it is very much yours too.

The super Bates141 crew

I was told that some of them read my blog and if this is true, here’s a message for you guys:

Thank You. I know I’m always late for all our meetings but it is not out of any power trip or anything like that, I just suck at keeping time :) Thank you so very much for helping me do all the things needed to enforce a paradigm shift amongst the Malaysian consumers. Your team has been very gracious and tolerant in servicing a difficult client like myself; let us continue to keep it as real as we can.

Special mention and credit must be given to the eccentric but genius of a CD – Mr I-am-wearing-shades-all-the-time; The PR duo of we-may-share-the-same-name-but-I-am-more- gorgeous namesake of mine and Ms she-has-the-media-at-her-fingertips (I owe you an apology for showing you the finger, I blame it on the alcohol); and of course, the servicing team – Mr Angry Man and Asimo -for bearing with me all the time.

And as I write this entry, I can’t help but look forward to the things I can do in the coming year.

Which brings me to the biggest question: should I stay or should I go?


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