Thank Y’all

Thank you. Terima Kasih. Xie xie. Salamat po. Gracias. Merci. Danke. Khawp khun khrap. Cám ơn. Mahalo. Arigato. Komapsumnida. Gratia. Shurkran. Dyakooyu. Shukriya. Nandri. Tika hoki. Wneeweh. Yuscotoya. Obrigado. Tujechhe. Tesekkür ederim. Mag-sukul.

Seriously, I am so touched with the overwhelming outpour of wishes and greetings y’all have given me.

Y’all know it was not easy for me to have done what I have, more so, when I know most of you were counting on me. As and when you need someone to talk to, I may have been gone but I am just a phone call away.

To know that you are all behind me made saying goodbye easier.

Thank Y’all.


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