Same Shit, Different Day (But With A Slight Difference)

After the long holidays, today was the first day I am back at work and it is really sad to note that this may be a different year but the shit that happens at work is still very much the same.

Morning traffic

How does one even look into a new beginning when the place is still the same is beyond me. The only consolation is that I was with My Small Baby the entire day. She had to go to KLIA to renew her passes and what not and she teman me to go to the office first before we went to KLIA.

It’s a bit strange waking up in the morning and going to the office with My Small Baby but her enthusiasm and precarious personality made the drive so fun, even stopping by the roadside to take pictures of the Yellow Man!

When we reached the office, we even had breakfast at the cafeteria and I can’t seriously remember when we the last time I ate there, let alone for breakfast. But because My Small Baby is the undisputed queen of food and eating, we just had to!

After breakfast, we went to KLIA to do her stuff and proceeded to KL where she met with the MAS tailors for her uniforms. We ended up in Mid Valley where I had a quick catch up with the agency peeps.

My ever gorgeous Small Baby

But going back to what this post is all about, it kills me to walk through the office; the vibe there is just so negative and whilst there are some who are nice, the people I work with are just full of negativity that I hate, I repeat HATE, being stuck there. Even if I don’t have to speak to them, the mere thought that these people are around me makes me sick to my stomach!

And on the day when most people are back from their holidays, the shit that I have to clean has piled up once again. Seriously, I am just sick and tired of cleaning up after people’s mess; mistakes are fine but continuous stupidity really gets to me and here we are, on the very first day, and my job of needing to bail people out of their stupidity has piled up!

I seriously wonder why I am still here…

WDYWT 1/4 AJ VII Cardinal's


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