My Small Baby Would Be Proud :)

Today, I woke up early.

This in itself would have made My Small Baby proud.

I am a sleeper, a real deep sleeper. Of course, that is when I finally sleep! You see, unfortunately for me, I suffer from both ends of the insomnia-hypersomnia as well as narcolepsy sleeping disorders.

But today, I woke up early and felt so fresh and well-rested despite the gloomy morning. As I was sipping my usual Nescafe ‘Kopi Mocha’, I thought of My Small Baby and how happy she would have been if she were around.

Feeling positive, I vowed to myself to do things that would make her ever more proud of me.

She will be surprised, I promise hehehe


Guess what? I did something that would make her really happy! She had been insistent in asking me to do it but y’all know I’m such a lazy ass right? I have been procrastinating in doing it for quite some time now and I finally did it!

Hah! I’m so proud of myself!


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