Is Hip-Hop Homopobic?

The answer is yes.

Unfortunate but true. Even with the emergence of someone like Deadlee who is openly gay doesn't change the fact that hip-hop is still homophobic.

Deadlee: Gay Rapper

The hip-hop culture, as beautiful as it is and as much as I love it, ain’t perfect. It breeds pointless beefs, degradation of women at times and the list goes on. And they are also so famous for being anti-gay.

I would have thought that as hip-hop flourished into the mainstream, the homophobia sentiments would be set aside, allowing for the very freedom that most hip-hoppers demand in their music, art and/or other forms of expression.

But sadly, even in the current state of hip-hop, after all the recognition that it has gathered, homophobia is still prevalent.

Anyways, this entry is brought about by a chance meeting with an openly-gay editor of one of the famous entertainment and lifestyle magazine in Malaysia. I bumped into him during the Lapsap x IF spins DELLicious pre-New Year’s Eve party in Palate Pallete.

I don’t know the dude nor have I ever met him before but I knew of him. And one of the things I know is that he does really love hip-hop and more importantly, he does know hip-hop. It may be limited to just the music aspect of hip-hop but this dude knows him hip-hop music.

Sometime back, someone – he calls himself President now! hahaha – hollered at me and directed me to the gay dude’s blog, asking me to read a particular entry. In it, he wrote about listening to Black Eyed Peas before the Elephunk Album and that really opened my eyes.

I mean, here is a gay dude who knew that BEP existed before “Where is the love?”! Now how fucking educated is that? He even mentioned the group’s pre-Elephunk albums: Bridging the Gap and Behind the Front!

How many so-called hip-hoppers in this country have even heard of the Peas before “where is the love?”? Seriously, how many? I can tell you not a lot. Or at least, most of the so-called hip-hoppers in the country have not.

I am an old-school hip-hopper. I love the older generation of hip-hop music; rhymes and music from the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Roots, Roots Manuva, Run DMC, Pharcyde, Kindred and a long list of mostly never-been-heard-by-the-so-called-Malaysian-hip-hoppers groups before! Hahaha

Don’t get me wrong, I also listen to those who are synonymous with rap music nowadays. I love Hova, Eminem who has God-given talent and the lyrical geniuses of Talib Kweli, Mos Def and Common.

Fuck! Sorry I got carried away from what I wanted to write here and that is about hip-hop and homophobia. Surprisingly though, hip-hop’s homophobic sentiments is only towards homosexuals. They are more tolerant of lesbians and while not openly gay (pun intended) about it, they are more 'lenient' towards the ‘fairer gays’ (if that even makes sense LOL)

But why the double-standard? I have always wondered about this.

The homophobic nature of hip-hop is not only confined in the States; even in Malaysia, I am yet to meet a gay dude who loves hip-hop besides the mentioned editor.

Look around you, like, really look around you. The gays tend to navigate towards house and techno as it allows them to be as outrageous as they want to be. I have lots of gay friends and My Small Baby has even more! Some of her closes friends are homosexuals and I know that besides being artistically gifted, they love anything and everything outrageous.

Personally, I am not a big fan of house or techno or whatever they call it nowadays. I can only listen to it to a certain level. But I have nothing against it at all. And certainly, I have nothing against the hordes of gay men who loves it.

It’d be nice to have more gay men who are into hip-hop no?

Or maybe, there is a lot of closet (again, pun intended) hip-hop lovers out there, we just never know, don't we?


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